DisneyLand Paris Hotel

Myself and my girlfriend have enjoyed some great times at DisneyLand Paris! On our recent visits we have stayed in the Castle Club, this exclusive area is the most luxurious place to stay at DisneyLand Paris.

The DisneyLand Paris web site describes the Castle Club as follows "The Castle Club rooms and suites come with personalised services including: private reception office, private lounge bar where you can take breakfast and soft drinks all day long. A lift provides direct access to the Disneyland Park."

The first time we stayed in the Castle Club we were in "Walt's Apartment", their are 4 Walt's Apartments each is individually decorated and is quite different than the normal hotel rooms. The suite has a large living room with sofa, desk, TV & VCR and two balconies, the main bedroom is spacious and has another balcony.

The second time we stayed we were in the "Sleeping Beauty Suite" which is the DisneyLand Paris Presidential Suite. This page includes some pictures and information on the Sleeping Beauty Suite.

Sleeping Beauty (Presidential Suite)

The Sleeping Beauty suite is the most elaborate and expensive suite at DisneyLand Paris. Based in the Castle Club at the DisneyLand Paris hotel it has a perfectly central position with the park and has fantastic views from it's three balconies!

You can see the suite from the outside once you have passed through the turn stiles to the park, just walk on a little to near where the train station starts and turn around and look up. You will see a round part of the hotel with many windows. This is the main room (sitting room) of the suite. You can see a picture of this below.

Outside The Sleeping Beauty Suite

To the right hand side of the living room is the dining room, to the left is the bedroom. Underneath the suite is the Castle Club lounge.

The Sleeping Beauty suite costs in the region of £2137 pounds sterling per night (approx 3476 Euro's).

The main living room of the suite is shown here, this is taken from the window. You can see the double doors that lead into the suite towards the back of the picture.

Sitting Room

Sitting RoomThis shot shows the chairs & sofa, some of the windows (which is also the balcony), the TV, Video and CD unit.
You can see in this picture the doors partially closed on the entrance hall which led to the kitchen and small bathroom.Sitting Room
Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty suite includes this Sleeping Beauty model, I've seen this on sale for $3000 at Disney World! It was in glass chest and secured to the table!
On arrival in the suite we were greeted with fresh flowers, fruit and champagne.Flowers
Grand Piano

If only we could play the piano! The picture shows the main balcony quite well (you can see the park through the window). The curtains and net were operated electronically by a switch on the wall.
The dining room had a huge table which sat 10 people, we had room service in here a few days.Dining Room
Dining RoomAnother shot of the dining room.
There was a lot of Disney art in the suite including these pictures in the dining room.Pictures

The Bath!The master bathroom was made up of a room with two sinks, Jacuzzi bath and a shower with 7 heads, a separate room with the toilet and a separate dressing room. Here you can see the bath and through to the toilet. The bathrooms were all Villeroy and Boch.
Here are the double sinks.Bathroom Sinks!


And a better view of the toilet.
This is the four poster bed in the bedroom.The Bed!

Bedroom Cabinet!

This was a hand painted TV and mini bar cabinet in the bedroom.
This second hand painted cabinet is in the entrance hall.The Cabinet!


This picture shows the desk in the bedroom.
Another Disney figure - this time Donald Duck!Donald Duck

The Inside Doors!

These are the main doors leading out of the suite.
This corridor led off the entrance hall and into either the kitchen or the side door to the dining room.Hall


This picture shows the kitchen, including microwave, oven, hob and ice maker.
And here is the fridge! This led to a side corridor where other hotel rooms are, it allows staff to enter the suite via the kitchen, it also allows people to exit the suite but not by the main door.Fridge


Even the light switches were advanced, you could fade up and down and select pre-set levels.
Here is the small toilet, just off the entrance hall.Small Bathroom

Outside the Suite

This is a (poor) picture from outside the room looking onto the doors that go into the suite.